I supposed to write this post a year ago. But I think I wouldn’t dare to give my thumbs up for this hotel if I haven’t stayed at any other hotels in Jakarta. So here’s my review on Morrissey Hotel, Jakarta.

Since the arrival of my daughter, me and my husband always tried to find a perfect getaway for the three of us. Finding a good hotel that suits for a family was quite challenging, especially when our daughter was still a baby. We got specific requirements and I always needed more time to browse around and did a little research before I decide to book a hotel. A year ago, my daughter was 2 y.o and we wanted to have a quick getaway, so we decided to look for a hotel in Jakarta to stay for two nights. We picked Morrissey, and it turned out to be one of the best hotels we ever stayed!

When we decided to book our room at Morrissey, we only expected Morrissey as one of those modern looking hotels with a swimming pool on its roof top.  When we arrived at our room, we were quite amazed with the simple yet stylish design. Their large windows and white painted walls created a light and airy mood. BUT the thing that made me feel like we finally got the right hotel was how family-friendly Morrissey is. Every room has a small kitchen, and a fully equipped kitchen is heaven if you bring an infant or a toddler. I know how much hassle is when you try to keep your baby’s food fresh but the hotel doesn’t provide a fridge nor a microwave. Morrissey’s room kitchen provides a fridge, a stove, microwave and most of the kitchen utensils that you need to cook a simple meal.

Too bad I didn’t have that much time to take pictures of this hotel. You know, it was hard to keep the room nice and clean when you had a curious little creature around. So I hope some of the pictures taken from Morrissey’s website can speak for themselves. :)










































The swimming pool area was very nice. It’s located at the roof top but you don’t need to worry about the sun because it’s under the roof. The open air space on the other side of the roof top also gave us a lovely sunset too.




When it comes to breakfast at the hotel, I usually didn’t expect much. Most of the hotels we stayed had a so-so breakfast menu and boring ambiance. But Morrissey has this above the average restaurant named Ocha and Bella, and they served above-the-average breakfast so I have to say that I really enjoyed our breakfast there.

Miranti, her husband and their daughter came to visit us the next day and we can say that the kids were having a good time too.

Here are the rest of the rooms and area of the hotel.



We think it was quite worth it for a hotel that had some of the room rates under $100. We stayed at Studio Room for approx. $65/night. :)

Morrissey Serviced Apartment
Jalan Wahid Hasyim No.70
Menteng, Thamrin, Jakarta
Phone: +622129933333

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  1. Erny Kurniawati

    30 September

    Waaa ini hotelnya cakep banget yaah jadi pengen haha. Desainnya ala-ala di pinterest :))

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