Visiting Adis and Rangga’s space, our heart instantly felt so light. Maybe it’s the home or maybe it is Adis herself with her lovable personality that make us feel so welcomed to this beautiful nest located in Jagakarsa, Jakarta Selatan.

This is a 147 m2 two-storey house located in 217 m2. The space is wide and has lots of big windows so lots of natural light get through inside. The house is a complete balance of big furniture with personal small details which are perfect for open space like Adis and Rangga’s house. On the stairs, we can see a collection of nanoblocks which Rangga liked. While when we paid attention to some parts of the house, we could see some Ghibli studio stuff like the fridge magnet and postcard collection which are Adis’ favorites.

The living room area which is connected with the kitchen is very light and airy. It is full of daylight and cool breeze inside that we felt so comfortable. We can’t help but imagining one fine evening before the sun set when the weather is rainy. It must be so relaxing to read a good book while sipping a cup of hot tea and listening to an acoustic playlist.



What do you guys do?

I’m a freelance interior designer, Rangga is working in Indonesia’s digital company

3 words that describe yourself

Exciting, easygoing, homebody

Tell us about the design concept of your home

Basically we just put everything we need into the house and realized that we don’t need much. Hahaha, just kidding. The first concept when we wanted to fill the home is that it has to make us feel comfortable. This is our home, so it can’t be “too much of Adis” or “too much of Rangga”. So we combined Adis and Rangga in this home. For that reason, we use the color white, gray, green and blue for our house. Green is Adis’ part and the blue one is Rangga’s. White and gray is our neutral color. For the furniture choice, we both love somehing simple so we opted for the functional purpose instead. Just like clothes, if you have read this before, you only need one little black dress, one good white shirt, one classic bag, and one pretty shoes in your life. That also becomes the motto for almost all of our furniture choice. We chose the basic model so it can be easier if we want to redecorate in case if we get bored.

In the beginning, do you and your husband have the same concept in mind?

Luckily, yes.



Where do you get your home decor inspiration?

Everywhere. Especially when we were travelling. Every new places that we saw can be very inspiring. I really like to pay attention on every single interior detail of each place I visited. But of course, I can’t deny how Pinterest can be very helpful too. Haha.

Where do you usually get your furniture as well as your decor stuff?

Almost all of the furniture at my home are custom made. The reason was because I wanted to own something that suits my preference. For the decor stuff, they came from lots of places. Some of them were gifted to me, some of them we bought while travelling.

What is important to you in a living space?

It should be comfortable. Comfortable as in we can do everything we want and everything we like in this house.


If you can pick one item from your home, what is your favorite and why?

Our bed! Because the both of us really love to relax at home after going out all day. Haha. But we really love our kitchen as well. Our kitchen is actually an experiment because from the beginning, we got bored seeing and making a white kitchen. After 3 times trial and error, we finally got the perfect color. Hopefully it can become an inspiration for my client because kitchen doesn’t have to always be white.

Can you share us some tips on decorating?

The most important thing on decorating is to ALWAYS, repeat ALWAYS put your personal touch when you decorate. Especially because a home is something that is very personal. Put in the things that you love as much as you can so that it can feel “so me”. It can come from little things like things to be displayed up to the color pallete you choose for your home. So, don’t buy something just because it is trending.

What makes you love interior design?

It is the happiest feeling to help make someone’s dream come true. I love to talk with people. The serious kind of talk I mean, not just the hahahihi kind of talk. As the time goes by, when I work on a project, it feels like I got to know more about the client, especially when working on a personal project like residential house.


lovely-nest-farah-adisti-rangga-danu-living-loving-2What things do you learn from decorating your own space?

Patience. :)

It seems like you enjoy listening to music, what kind of music do you usually play at home?

Any kind. It depends on my mood, really. So i have a lot of playlist.

How do you usually spend your time at home?

Working, cooking and a lot of napping while reading books, watching movie or playing games.

Do you have any future plans for the home?

We’re planning to have proper dining area. Oh, and also to fix the backyard area. We’d love to have a backyard where we can sit in outdoor place comfortably.

A home should be…

Your sanctuary. A safe place. A happy place.



Thank you so much Adis and Rangga for letting us visit your lovely nest. It is indeed a very beautiful and personalized sanctuary. We wish you good luck for the future plan of your house as well as any of your future endeavour.

Text prepared and written by Filicia

Video by Yudha Radithe, Sandy Triantoro and Gita Giovanni (editor)

Photos by Nike Prima and Nitya Krisna



  • Elya Krisnia

    Hello..saya senang sekali mampir ke blog keren kalian..terutama pada halaman lovely-nest. Saat ini saya dan suami sedang melakukan renovasi total tempat tinggal kami. Dan soal kitchen ini.. PR banget… Apakah saya boleh mendapatkan informasi dimana Adis membuat kitchen set untuk rumah mereka? Saya tunggu responnya yah..terima kasih :)

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