Back in early 2014, it was not easy to find a laid-back occasion where you can gather with new like-minded friends and learn new things. Then, we decided to invite some of our good friends and asked them to join our very first Afternoon Delight at one of favorite coffee places, 1/15.

Next month, it’s going to be the third year of Afternoon Delight and we want to celebrate this joyful moment with you. Imagine this: a day where you can join a craft workshop by a super creative Bandung-based family, a blogging workshop by two avid-writers/lovely bloggers, buy lovely goods from pop up shops of our favorite makers friends, make your own mist or arrange a mini flower bouquet in minutes, get inspired from pop up home area and have a good time with us!

Click ‘read more’ if you are as excited as we are!

YEAY, it’s our 3rd year of Afternoon Delight & Living Loving’s 4th Anniversary celebration in two weeks!

For workshops, we have ‘Blogworthy: Introduction to Creative Content Making’ with our fellow bloggers friends Claradevi Handriatmadja and Hanny Kusumawati. We recently launched a collaboration project initiated by these two lovely girls named The Blog Project. So, Claradevi and Hanny as the representatives of The Blog Project are inviting you to come and join them to learn about the basic of creative content making that includes how to make good visuals for your content, how to add value on your story as well as how to apply the basic blog ethics.

After The Blog Project sharing session, you can get your hands on ropes and knots with Ing Landjanun and Almaviva of The Babybirds. In ‘Rows of Knots’ workshop, this couple will teach you how to make your own macrame wall hanging. Well, nothing beats a handmade good that you create with your own two hands, right?!

Simply go to Living Loving Shop to book your seat at Blogworthy or/and Rows of Knots workshop.

If you don’t have that much time to join the workshops, feel free to come to our public area. It’s FREE and there are plenty things to see, buy, and even make!

First, we have three pop up living room inspirations that will showcase 2017 global trend of Jotun paint: Nordic Living, Urban Living, and Continental Living. We are so thrilled to collaborate with this fast growing Norway-based paint company because we love their colors inspirations and how they apply their 2017 global trend into interior decor.

Second, we have pop up DIY stations. If you only have a limited time but eager to experience and bring home a do-it-yourself creation, come to the pop up DIY area and say hello to the folks from Organic Supply Co and Lots of Flowers . Organic Supply Co. will show you how to create your own room mist, and Lots of Flowers have all the flowers and things you need to make your own mini bouquet.

Third, pop up shops by our lovely creative friends. You can check out homemade munchies by Minamina Bakehouse and goat-milk soap by Moloka. We also have booths from home decor and stationery brands: Chic & Darling, Kemala Home Living, Ruma Manis, Kelly’s.Co, Tie A Knot and The Press Journal.

The list doesn’t stop here, darling. Fika Julia and Kar Jewellery are also gonna be there. So, if you’re a fan of Fika’s happy and colorful designed fabric, or you can’t never get enough of beautiful and handmade ceramic accessories of KAR, then you could came to their booth and meet the makers behind the pretty accessories.

So, mark your calendar and let’s have a good time together with us. We can’t wait to meet you!



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