Founded in 2013 by Nike Prima Dewi and Miranti Andi Kasim, Living Loving is a platform for home, creative and lifestyle. Nike and Miranti were friends during their college years in Universitas Indonesia majoring communication. Nike and Miranti had spent more than 6 years in media and creative industry before they decided to start Living Loving.


We create daily content through our website, YouTube and social media channels. Today, our website has over 60.000 visitors / month, and over 85.000 followers on Instagram and our YouTube is growing with over 19.000 subscribers.


From the very first year, we have a signature home tour content called Lovely Nest that features real homes and the stories of its owners. We are focusing on providing home and living inspirations through our daily content.


We also started our creative event in 2014. With a wide range of creative related content and tutors, from craft to photography, from chocolate decorating to starting your online business, you can find out more about our workshops here. Our creative event is one of our ways in building our community.


Our main audience is 78% female, 53% 25-34 years old (the second layer is 18-24 years old), live in Jakarta (39%), Bandung, Yogyakarta, Bekasi and Tangerang. They are technology and social media savvy, have a huge interest in home and lifestyle related topic such as travel, family, wellness. They also have a great appreciation on creativity. Our audience respect and love local business, from homemade goods to emerging creative lifestyle brands.


We also collaborate with brands to create a custom creative campaign and event. So if you have a brand, product or service that would fit be a good fit to our audience and you would like to collaborate with us, do not hesitate to contact us at hello (at) livingloving (dot) net.