Living Loving is an Indonesia based platform that share daily inspirations through our online content and offline activations. From house design to home tour, from organizing tips to product review. We provide information that are useful, easy-to-follow and relatable to our audience.

We have collaborated with media, communities, local and multinational brands. But we are the proudest of our ever growing loyal audience, they are home living enthusiasts and home owners who live in Indonesia.

389K+ online platforms’ followers 

More than 15 million YouTube views organically

We have connected +130 brands through our online and offline activations.
With a small-sized team, we have conducted more than 
100 events in Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya, Yogyakarta, and Kuala Lumpur with +2000 participants in total.

Living Loving helps you communicate your brand values to our home living community.

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Our community are creative-minded homebodies who seek for a better quality living.

They enjoy the process of making their home safe, comfortable, and reflect their personalities.


Lovely Nest


Home is the place for us to grow and create our own story. In Lovely Nest we will take you on a house tour to real homes with real people, where we can see how the dwellers put their personality into their homes.


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Tiny Space


Small space inspirations that are relatable, livable, comfortable, and can accommodate its dwellers to grow. For a house, it is a space less than 80m2, as for an apartment it is a space less than 40m2.
Despite the limitation, these homeowners still able to achieve a better quality of life at home.


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For Your Home


Practical tips and simple ideas to make your house more comfortable, clean, organized, or beautiful. From tips about decorating to product recommendation.


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House 101


Useful information on how to buy, build, or renovate a house, including insights and tips from experts. We also feature architecture firm and interior designers profiles.


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Main ke Rumah


Stories of homebodies and how they spend their life at home.
In Main ke Rumah, we visit creative people’s home like book author or artist, in the comfort of their own space, where they can be themselves. From sharing their workspace at home, showing how playing games with their children, or simply a delight in the mundane, things that they love to do that mean so much.


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Resep Rumahan


A simple step-by-step cooking tutorial of home-cooked meals presented by house-owners themselves. Range of recipes may vary from appetizer to main course, from dessert to refreshing drinks.


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Place to Stay


Our new content in 2020 where you can take tour to places that are waiting to be called home.
Place to stay showcases a house, an apartment unit, a villa, a hotel or a bed and breakfast unit. Highlighting prominent features and facilities of each property..


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We are happy to help spread your message to our audience through meaningful content and event that are produced by our skillful, creative and productive team.