Started in 2014, our workshops became our place to meet readers. You can find new experiences to grow your creative sense. From making your own wall dΓ©cor to crafting meaningful blogpost, we are always challenge ourselves to offer a fresh and creative content for our readers.


We want to ignite the creative sparkle in our readers’ mind. That’s one of the reason why we create Living Loving Class, a creative workshop that offers opportunity to learn new skills in a casual yet intimate atmosphere, where you can meet like-minded friends. This workshop is also a place for us to introduce local creative brands that we love.


As human, we play many roles in our daily life. Be it parents, daughters, workers, learners, or creators. But we believe that no matter what role you took, each person should make some time to celebrate themselves. They deserves Their own me-time to let them explore new possibilities and exhale away the stress from juggling between their daily activities. That’s why we aim to each workshop as a creative retreat. Not only as a place to learn new skills, but also to unlock your inner creativity, interact with other people from different background, and most of all, let yourself have some fun!

Other than Living Loving’s own workshops, We’ve also collaborated with clients and partners to create a special workshop. If you would like to know more about our past workshops, kindly see the event report on our Event & Workshop tab.


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