Living Loving is a home living platform founded by Nike Prima Dewi and Miranti Andi Kasim in early 2013.
From a simple blog-posts on home reviews and inspirations, Living Loving beautifully transformed into a community of creative homebodies, collaborating with multiple noticeable brands.
Through our online channels, we bring you daily inspirations from our team, experts, content creators and homeowners to inspire your life at home.
Our Youtube channel: livinglovingnet
Our Instagram account: @livinglovingnet
Out Tiktok page: @livinglovingnet
Today, we have gaining a total of +493K online platforms’ followers, and over 20 million YouTube views organically. We self-published our first book ‘Lovely Nest’ in November 2019 and you can get it on our Tokopedia and Periplus stores all over Indonesia.
In the past 10 years, we have connected more than 140 brands to the community through our online and offline activations. We have collaborated with media, communities, local and multinational brands. Living Loving has also been featured in numerous publications on television, printed, and digital media.
We are most proud of our ever growing loyal audience: the home living enthusiasts and houseowners in Indonesia.

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Nike and Miranti first met in college and were connected through their shared passion for creative, home living and media. After college, they briefly became colleagues at a media company, but then parted ways to explore their individual professional interests. 
In 2012, Nike and Miranti were reunited and they collaborated in the creation of Living Loving. Going forward, Nike and Miranti aspire to connect people, brands, and communities that shares the same visions on creating a good life at home.

Nike Prima Dewi

Chief Executive Officer & Creative Director

Nike had 8 years working experience in television, digital media, and creative industry. Nike always has a passion towards creativity. Writing has been her creative outlet since she was 9 years old, and she had built and started her own websites since 2000.
A homebody and a curious soul, Nike always finds home as a place to start and grow. She loves to go to places, read books, listen and watch things that can simply feed her creativity jar. She initiated Living Loving as a source of inspirations for people to make their house a home.

Miranti Andi Kasim

Finance Director

Graduated from Universitas Indonesia majoring mass communication, Miranti worked in media and television industry for six years where she found her passion of home living and creative.
Miranti believes that home is where the stories begin. From playing with her daughter, creating paper craft and illustrations, watching K-drama, or just simply enjoying her cup of teh tarik (with lots of ice!). Through Living Loving, She invites people to take a look back at their house and live a good life at home.


From just two Co-Founders, Living Loving today stands as a thriving community of creative homebodies. Membered by a number of creative individuals with various expertise and diversed backrounds in architecture, multimedia, communication and marketing, we thrive in the content-creating business, and we are fully committed in meeting our clients’ needs while maintaining our specialty in creating and releasing inspirational contents on what makes houses, homes.

Asma Pudjiasti

Project & Community Manager  

A virgo who loves to organize and always strives to deliver better output in each of our project. Achie, a college graduated majoring communication and film, had more than 10 years experience in television industry. She also loves to watch criminal series and documentaries in her spare time.

Chairunisa Azizah

Freelance Project Officer

Accounting graduate turned auditor, turned banker, turned full time housewife and mom, turns Project Officer (while still becoming a full time mom, of course). Chay has been a Living Loving reader since the early days and now she joined the team hoping to channel her creative energy.

Andri Permana

Web Developer

Father of a toddler who develop and monitors Living Loving website and e-mails from his house in Bandung. Always ready to help everytime we had technical difficulties, or just when we kept forgetting our own password :D


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