Me and Miranti really love Scandinavian home decor. If you visit our Pinterest, you’ll find out there are a lot pins from this mid-century modern home design. In 1950s, Scandinavian design were very influential. These past few years this mixed modern-retro style is on the trend list again.


White painted room with a splash of neon colors and a unique furniture or decor ornament as a centerpiece. Scandinavian design is often functional and stylish. I think it really fits with the way we run our homes. I mean, I surely can not go with bohemian or ethnic decor style with A LOT of knick-knacks, because it will take more time to clean the house.

Sooo, we were very happy to know when this Jakarta based design boutique store named Linoluna launched this week. Owned by Hanna Siahaan and her husband, Michael Hutagalung, Linoluna offers various kinds of Scandinavian style home decor, paper goods and soft toys. You have to see their collection of greeting cards and postcards, I wish we could have them all and send it to our loved ones and YOU! Haha.


linoluna-soft-toy-retroSo, if you’re into modern home interior with a touch of retro, we think you’ll love Linoluna.┬áNow, we don’t have to spend hours looking for a simple cushion cover or a gift wrap. ;)

Photo courtesy of Linoluna.

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