A picture is worth a thousand words. They can deliver certain moods and leave you with unforgettable feelings. Irma Astrid Patricia, our friend from college, is one of those people who knows how to capture things and nature around her.

We’ve always known her as a girl who loves to travel. If you visit her Instagram. You’ll find beautiful pictures she’s taken from many places. This time, she’ll share tell us a story about Canberra, Australia. :)

floriade spring festival
iconic black mountain tower
Tell us about you and where you live now

I’m a post graduate student studying environmental science at The Australian National University and currently staying in Canberra, Australia. I’m a human-to-nature enthusiast, I daydream about building a city forest in my hometown, Jakarta, where people can be in touch with nature, built community, breathe fresh air and just live. In my spare time I like to jog, cycle and dive occasionally.

canberra day
5 words to describe your neighborhood
My neighborhood would be breezy, warm, center-to-everything (that’s actually 3 words), convenient, and easy.
when is the best time to visit Canberra?

April! it’s when autumn has started and the city slowly changes its color gracefully.

jogging path by the lake
early sprng
where’s your favorite place to visit on sunday?
I like to go to Lake Burley Griffin near my house. It’s Canberra’s central lake named after the city’s architect. Other than the lake, I sometimes visit the farmer’s market in south Canberra.
sunset from up the hill
Where’s the best place to catch a beautiful sunset?

Everywhere! be it by the lake, up the hill, or in the park.. sunsets in Canberra is just amazing!

3 colors to describe Canberra

Sky blue, apple green & earthy caramel

autumn in the park
Where did you buy stuff (interior, decor) for your home?

I usually start by browsing through it’s a local advertisement website where you can look for or sell out your stuff. I bought my bedframe and dinning set from the website.

I also like to visit thrift stores like Salvos, but my fave one would be The Green Shed. It’s a resource management center run by the government as a way of organizing reuse and recycling activities in the city. People can drop off any kind of their unused items from books, furnitures, lamps, cooking utensils, bicycles, to treadmill.. (anything!) and the Shed’s guys will sort them out and sell it back to the community. it’s sort of like Jl. Surabaya in Jakarta, only bigger and more organized.

window corner
corner of my nest
autumn mist
What’s the best soundtrack when you’re walking around the city?
Ce matin la by Air
Do you have any favorite local handmade store/brand?

I adore Canberra’s local handmade products, but they are quite pricey as most of them are made by artisanal with high quality standards. My fave local brand would be Yuum Sundays natural soaps.

Is there any thrift/second hand market there?

Heaps! One would be the Old Bus Depot Markets, a one-stop handmade local market that opens only on Sundays. I love the place because it’s where artisans around Canberra gather and sell their products such as artsy paintings, chocolates and cakes, cute handbags, jewelries, and other handcrafted products.


Thank you Irma for sharing your experience and pictures with us.



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