No, we won’t give you a list of things for this March’s wishlist. We only have one wish this month, and it’s a place named Roemah Pulomanuk. Surrounded by rubber plantation, paddy fields and–well of course–beach, this used-to-be private family villa is located at Desa Pulomanuk, Bayah, Banten. It’s approximately 5 hours from Jakarta. Honestly, we are not a big fan of traditional Javanese decor style, but we’ll have to admit that we never thought joglo (traditional Javanese house) can be this modern and chic. Oh and look, there’s an outdoor cinema! We really really wish we could spend couple nights or more there. :) You can check out more about this beautiful villa here. 305895_197127070356825_726283246_n 300339_197126757023523_699239343_n 297782_197126717023527_782596087_n 321237_218671098202422_761269390_n 298191_218670891535776_660240245_n 389516_218670741535791_1099386573_n 310897_218670471535818_93403889_n 315886_197127563690109_1322306841_n316196_218670248202507_2143651415_n 307212_197126580356874_1411877562_n319030_197127487023450_693376410_n all photos are properties of Roemah Pulomanuk


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