I always love spending an afternoon time at a quiet place where I can relax and enjoy every sip of my favorite drink. And one of the best places I’ve ever been to unwind is Kopi Selasar, Bandung, West Java.

A few weeks ago, I came here once again with my friends from work, Imelda and Dyna. It really was a lovely escape that we barely experience during our daily routine in a busy Jakarta.

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Kopi Selasar is located right at the center of Selasar Sunaryo Artspace. Constructed over 4 years by Sunaryo and BaskoroTejdo, Selasar Sunaryo has been open for public since 1998. This artspace consists art galleries, amphitheater, art shop, residence for artists and spaces for exhibitions, performances, discussions and events.

So if you’re interested in contemporary art. You can stroll around the art gallery or buy yourself a merchandise at their art shop, Cinderemata Selasar. Make sure you arrive before 5pm. ;)loving-kopi-selasar-living-loving-4

So, what makes this place so special? Well, one of the best things about Kopi Selasar is definitely the space. It’s an open air cafe with beautiful Dago hill view that I can not compare with any cafe in Jakarta. I really  really wish this could be my everyday view.


Oh, and another good thing about Kopi Selasar is definitely their spiced hot chocolate. Yup, have you ever tried hot chocolate with a sprinkle of chile powder? It’s a perfect choice to keep the chill away. And I should thank my friend, Ernest, who introduced me to this place and recommended me this drink a few years ago.

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So, if you go to Bandung and looking for a place to refresh your mind. I recommend you to visit this place. Bring your favorite books..or friends if you don’t feel like having a solitude moment. You’ll have a good time. Promise. ;)

Kopi Selasar

Selasar Sunaryo Artspace

Jl. Bukit Pakar Timur 100, Bandung
West Java – Indonesia

Phone: 022 250 7939


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