We’ve been a fan of Linoluna since they started in 2013. If you haven’t heard of them, let me introduce you to our favorite home and paper goods store. Founded by a lovely couple, Hanna and Michael Siahaan, Linoluna is one of the local lifestyle shops we can count on for freshen up our space. When I need a pretty gift for my girlfriends, I usually head to their webstore. Their products include pillows, art prints, stationeries and decor ornaments. I love how they have a good list of carefully curated modern and chic products. And last July, they opened their permanent store in Jakarta.

Linoluna opened their store at Lippo Mall Kemang, Jakarta Selatan. The mall located near our studio, so this can be a perfect solution for less-hassle gift hunting. We went there last month during their soft opening, and I was more than happy when I saw their latest collection. All these black and white with a touch of yellow and blushing pink things were sooo irresistible, I bought myself a small pillow eventhough I knew I already had enough pillows at home. Couple weeks later, I decided to buy Tekuni ceramic mug from the shop too, because I  thought the pillow needed a friend. ;)




One thing I love from Linoluna is that Hanna and Michael designed their own home decor products, and none of them is designer. Both of them have a engineering background! And if you visit their apartment (you can check it out here at Lovely Nest: Hanna + Michael), you’ll probably think they hired an interior designer. But their apartment is actually a great example of husband and wife team work. Michael did the interior design, while Hanna was in charge of the decor. Their nest is one the our readers’ most favorite nests.



design-store-linoluna-jakarta-livingloving-9Price wise, I think Linoluna is quite affordable. The pillow products range from Rp149.000. Art prints started from Rp120.000. You can also find pretty wooden kitchen and dining utensils by Kemala Home Living, paper goods and iPhone cases by the famous Rifle Paper Co, and furnitures and storages by another local charming brand, Nagarey.

I think Linoluna is one of those home decor stores that can still give you a plenty of options but still manages to leave you with a strong feeling of their distinctive style. You can go feminine and simple at the same time. You can choose to go with colors or the monochrome. It’s a perfect destination for modern and chic style lovers.

Photos by Diah Ayu Wulandari

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