We’re working on a new project for Living Loving. Right now, we’re arranging the mood board for this project. It really was a challenge for us to to brainstorm about the ideas for the project, not only because it’s a new experience for us but also because we’ve been super occupied these last couple of weeks during the holiday.

Here’s the mood board for the project. We always love soft color palette over the neutral ones. So we combine neutral gray with white, mint green and a bit of gold.


Unfortunately, we can’t tell you about the project…yet. But we will reveal it when the project is done and ready to launch.

Anyway, what do you think about this mood board? :)

source: pureinspiration | ferm living |lauren conradcool retro home decor



  1. isyana

    19 August

    suka banget.. kayanya yang kanan bawah bakalan buat contekan work space yang baru di rumah deh. eh minal minul nike dan miranti.. :)

    • Nike Prima

      19 August

      hmmm..bisa jadi. :D
      mohon maaf lahir batin, yana :)

  2. and.i.try

    21 August

    I loooove this pallette! Aku juga pakai inspirasi warna yang mirip buat color pallette wedding aku dulu, meskipun aku ke arah yang lebih dusty/dusky gitu sih http://anditry.com/2012/09/12/3g/
    buat inspirasi palet warna bisa dicoba juga lihat disini, banyak kombinasi menarik deh http://design-seeds.com/

    • Nike Prima

      21 August

      Iya, menyenangkan ya color palette yang ini. Ga feminin sekali, tapi tetap chic.
      Hihi, contekan kita sama nih. design seeds. :D

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