First of all, we would like to thank all the guests who came to our Afternoon Delight  last month. This past two weeks, we’ve been so thrilled to read what the girls said about this intimate gathering. So, thank you so much Maesy, Kitty, Hanna and Arninta for writing about Afternoon Delight. :)




living-loving-afternoon-delight-by-kitty-manuYou can check their blog posts by clicking the titles

Maesy Angelina from The Dusty Sneakers: Of Paper Flowers and Comfort Zones

Hanna Siahaan from Linoluna: Living Loving’s Afternoon Delight Gathering

Arninta: Afternoon Delight with Living Loving

Kitty Manu from Kitty Kitz: Afternoon Delight – livingloving.net

Almaviva from The Babybirds: The Babybirds at Living Loving’s Afternoon Delight

Meanwhile, you can have a chance to win pretty things from our partners  by submitting your ideas of lovely gathering on our Afternoon Delight giveaway post. The giveaway will be closed on April 11, 2014.

Have a nice monday everyone. Xx

ps: if you can’t get over those beautiful apothecary bottles, masking tapes and paper straws you saw on Afternoon Delight post. Go to Gudily online store and get a 20% off of all items using the discount code ‘PAPERFLOWER’ (valid only for April 2014). Hurry! ;)

Photos courtesy of Hanna, Arninta, Almaviva, Maesy and Kitty. 

Simple, functional, modern, in love with details. Nike menghabiskan masa kecilnya di Kepulauan Riau dan Sulawesi Tenggara, membuatnya merasa berbeda sejak kembali tinggal di Jakarta dan suka menikmati tempat baru. Mulai blogging sejak tahun 2000, bahkan ketika istilah blog belum ada. Ketertarikannya akan dunia media dan kreatif sudah ada sejak masih sekolah. Sebelum menjalankan Living Loving, Nike bekerja selama 7,5 tahun di industri media, kreatif dan digital. Kamu bisa melihat dan menyapanya juga di Instagram (@nikeprima) dan nike (at) livingloving (dot) net


  1. arninta

    8 April

    blognya mba nyanya belum masuuuk hehe..

    • wah, iya…ini langsung ditambah :D thank you, Ninta :)

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