Speaking of color combo, you can almost never go wrong with black and white palette. When I saw black and white, I immediately remember Nike. One of her signature outfit is black and white stripes tops, then she add a colorful small accessories to brighten up her look.

Like beige, ivory, taupe, and gray; black and white is neutral colors that’ll work great and easily paired with any other color. That’s one of the reason why we change the blog’s design to be minimalistic white, so we can drew more attention to the pictures. With black and white background, the colors tend to pop out more than if other shades of background were used.

We also think that it would be a good  color palette for your home office desk. Maybe you can think of it as a way to neutralizes your eyes after you see millions of colors around you through your daily life. Put up some black and white stationery or decor items on your workspace to balance all those colorful books, fabrics or fancy papers you’re using. Use a woven basket to store your fabric stash or rolls of giftwraps. Here’s a few monochrome reccomendation for you:


  1. Fabric Bucket, Rp75-120.000, Skoci
  2. Black Diamond Clutch, Rp100.000, Koola Stuffa
  3. Binder Huruf, Rp65.000, SorakSorai
  4. Black and White Soy Ink Wrapping Paper Set, Rp110.000, Bobobobo
  5. Umbra Skyline office board, Rp369.000, shopdeca
  6. Kelli Laundry Basket, Rp190.000, General Object

Take a look at some of our favorite workspace ideas at Living Loving’s Pinterest!

(feature image sources: left image from desiretoinspire.net, right image from blog.thenest.com)

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