We know how you feel when you stroll around the aisles of your favorite living store and you wish you could bring EVERYTHING home. You wish you didn’t have to think twice just to buy a lovely piece of artwork or that eye-catching decor ornament.

We do appreciate works of art and how these artists had poured their precious hours and hearts into it. We certainly want to fill our house with beautiful things to make it feel like home, but we can’t always buy artworks that costs (at least) one visit to a fine dining restaurant. This is why we’re always searching for affordable art. This week, we use greeting cards from Linoluna.




This is our friend, one of Living Loving lovely readers, Danur’s beautiful home. We saw some pictures of her lovely crib on her Instagram. We could say that she has a big amount of love towards floral and vintage.  So, we and Linoluna gave Danur a little surprise by sending her a set of Rifle Paper’s floral greeting cards.



If you’re more into modern and bold graphics. You’ll probably have the same taste like our friend, Nanda. Nanda’s style is always simple and modern, and it reflects on the interior of her apartment where she lives with her husband, daughter and . So, these simple colorful greeting cards are really matched her daughter’s bedroom.

There are plenty ways to decorate your lovely nest. You can also use gift wrap with lovely pattern, or make your own silhouette art using affordable materials. OR…you can find out more wall decor inspirations on our lovely nest posts. ;)

Have a great week, everyone! Xx

Photos courtesy of Danur Teja and Rianda Paramita.

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