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We’ve been waiting to show you how fun our backyard playdate time with Martha Stewart Living was. So, a few weeks ago Mba Iyus and Fifi from Martha Stewart Living Indonesia contacted us. They had this idea of making a playdate picnic with Living Loving and their friends, and we said YES. We’d always wanted to have a playdate party where moms and kids can have some fun making things.

So, we invited these lovely moms who are also crafters and makers to join this backyard playdate. Nanda from Maali brought her colorful designer’s fabric cushions and she also provided materials for craft time, Putri from Blackcatss & Co brought her animal plushies, Fika from MarchFleaMarket brought her adorable handmade brooches for moms, Tania from Nuna’s Koekjes made some super delicious munchies for moms and kids. We also spoiled with Prunee’s yummy Lapis Surabaya .inspiration-playdate-martha-stewart-living-for-livingloving-5


press-martha-stewart-living-indonesia-livingloving-collageWe can tell that the little girls really had fun that day. They really enjoyed finger painting time and had a great time making necklace from colored pasta. We set up a small teepee, covered the grass with picnic blanket and decorated this spot with Wiggle Giggle’s party supplies. Putri made a very lovely animal garland too, and we’ll share you the printable template soon. ;)


You can get a full story of our backyard playdate time on Martha Stewart Living Indonesia June 2014 edition. Thank you so much everyone who had involved in this lovely project, including the sponsors. And to all the little girls: Sophie, Laika, Raddin, Asia, Sabria and Kira, thank you so much for being so adorable!

Have a lovely monday, friends. Xx


teepee: hagi | cushions: maali | animal plushies: the blackcatss & co | furniture: kidena kids | clear glass cake stands: cayenne | party supplies: wiggle giggle | lapis surabaya cakes: prunee | sweet and savoury munchies: nuna’s baked goods |brooches: MarchFleaMarket | kids wardrobe: poke a dot and h&m | moms wardrobe: cotton ink

photos courtesy of Martha Stewart Living Indonesia

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