Two years ago, we visited Bini + Yogi’s lovely apartment located in Kalibata, Jakarta Selatan. It was one of the most inspiring nests I’d ever been. Modern, colorful and packed with details. We loved how Bini and Yogi maximize their small space into a very comfortable place to live. Now, this little family has moved to their new house at Bintaro, Jakarta Selatan. Bigger space, more rooms to fill and grow.

Me and my daughter, Kira, and our lovely neighbor, Stella Sutjiadi and her daughter, Daffa visited Bini + Yogi’s house last month. Stella is a friend of Bini too, and we’d planned this playdate time since Bini and her family moved to this new nest. Greeted by Bini’s kids, Argy and Zada, these four kids had a good time playing in a playroom, while Bini gave me a little house tour.




Tell us about your new house, how you guys finally decided to move out from the apt and bought this house?

After conceiving our 2nd baby, we decided to find a larger space to accomodate our expanding little family. Not only the kids will grown up, but also because our needs of space, activities, goods and equipments, stuff, toys, etc are growing too.

The most important thing is that now we could afford to have anything we can’t have while we live in the limited space of an apartment. We definitely want a house with a lot of sunshine, bigger kitchen, more proper interior sets as an adult space without toys and kids relevance, a proper guest room for our parents when they’re in town, a bigger closet area, a laundry room and our dream playroom. We wish we had the unlimited kind of savings, but we only have strict budgets and big dream, and a little time to decide.

Yogi fell in love for the house at the first sight. As for me, I never believe such things. So after discussing, a little bit arguing, and a lot of monobrainstorming in my head, i finally saw a big potential savvy space, and interior grouping wise. With our kind of budget, and our vision of well designed house, we agreed this house is the best. Fortunately our apt sold fast, and finally, we decided to bought this house.

Tell us about the design of the house.

This is relatively a small house, with lt/lb 120m2/145m2, in a small 3Ha cluster called Ozone Residence. The smallest type, but enough for the four of us. It’s the C-center type, designed by architects Antony Liu and Ferry Ridwan. The architecture concept is modern, minimalis and green. Full of sunshine, less electrical light in day time. But for more detail you can visit Ozone Residence.

After actually living in it, i fell deeply in love with the house. I think it’s one of a well designed house. I mean, those small detail like, a triangle-like hole in the wall is a hole that brings the sunshine in. At exactly 7AM, the sunshine will awake you. Literally, because it fall right in the head area of the bed. How sweet is the concept, don’t you think? Even until sunset, the house is still so bright. And I love the skylight too. I can watch the rain, or do the night showering with the moon. Seriously. And the less noticed thing, is there is this crossbar above the carport, it blocked the sunshine that blinds you while clean the house in the morning or took the newspaper on the door.






Tell us about the concept of your interior style in this new house

Our interior style is the same, basically it’s the larger version of our apartment.  But with a larger space we want less furniture so it still feels spacious, with less partition, open area and a lot of glass material. As our need of space is a little too many, so we built a mini pavilion at the back side of the house. And there’s no television in the main house, I put TV in the mini pavilion/guest bedroom.

Our so called adult space, is an area of things we love together: books, decorative stuffs, pictures of important moments of our family, a living room with no TV. So when our family and friends come over we can have some intimate moment, some deep conversation without TV interruption. Also it become one with the dining area. You can’t separate gossips, heartfelt conversation and food. They meant for each other. Haha.

From tiny space to wide open, tell us how you guys felt in the first weeks of living in this house?

We felt exhausted. Hahaha. From a 30m2 apartement to a 155m2 house, to a dust proof apartement to an everyday sweep-needed house, and mopping…We’re still adjusting until now, and feel better everyday.






Could you tell us the first thing you did when you started your interior and decor project for this house?

Budgeting! Hahaha. And deciding the colors too. We wanted it generally in white and black, with a pop of neon fluoresence colours, and some artworks here and there.

Share us your tips on making your nest a place that represents home?

Our house is less likely a home, we put things back to it place, everytime, e-v-er-y-t-i-m-e, after using it. It is too neat sometimes like there is no one live or do an activity in it, except in the playroom. But home is a feeling, not a place, right? :D

Do you miss you old apartment?

Sometimes. when we turned on the air conditioning and it wasn’t cool enough, so we needed to turn on the other one in the other room. That thing never happened in our apartement.


Thank you Bini and family. We hope this new lovely nest of yours will bring joy and laughters. Can’t wait for more playdates with Argy and Zada. Kisses.

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