This lovely couple, Hanna and Michael, is one of those couples who can turn hobbies into business very well. Their online store, Linoluna, is one of the best local online destinations for modern home decor and gifts. And you know how you can really tell people who run business with passion, and people who run business just for the sake This team is definitely on the first category.

Hanna also has a lovely blog. If you’re into DIY and beautiful things like we do, you can visit her blog too. She’s been into crochet and sewing lately, and she shared some of her craft projects on the blog. She often posted her current favorite things and design too, and we can tell that she really has a good taste.

And talk about good taste, let us take you to their lovely nest located in Gandaria, Jakarta Selatan. If you browse Linoluna webstore, and try to imagine how those lovely things can be arranged, just check out this 94 m2 2 bedroom apartment.



3 words to describe you and Michael
fun, easy going, DIY lover.

What do you guys do?
I’m a housewife & creative director of Linoluna. My husband, Michael is a Petroleum Engineer & business director of Linoluna

Tell us about your style? 
We’re both into casual style.

3 words to describe your nest
White, birch, modern

What is important to you in a living space?
Cleanliness. Enough sunshine.

Who’s in charge of the interior and decor? 
Michael is in charge of the interior while I’m in charge of the décor details

What’s your favorite thing in the apt?
It has plenty of windows and receives a good amount of sunshine almost all day long that makes the whole space bright.

Your favorite spot in the apt is….
Our home studio! We do most of our activities in this room. Michael and I usually spend hours in this room talking about business or life in general. Abigail also has a little corner here for playing and crafting. It’s actually our activity room




Where did you find your decorative items? 
Ikea, informa, etsy, online stores internationally and locally.

Do you have any favorite home living site/magazine/blog?
Design Sponge, Apartment Therapy.

When you’re in the house, do you like to play music or reading books? what’s your favorite song/band/books?
Yes. We listen to various kinds of music. I like The Beatles. And Michael is more into jazz. And kids songs are always played because Abigail loves music




Tell us your favorite DIY project?
I’ve just started crocheting mid 2014 and I love it so much until now! My favourite creation is a crocheted storage basket I made a few months back.

What are your favorite things to do with Abigail?
Playing, singing, reading, and crafting

Tell us 5 things/people that inspire you..
Scandinavian designs, Orla Kiely, Anna & Nathan Bond, London

Can you share us some tips on decorating a small space living
Go white!

Running a lovely home decor store you must have a a very vivid imagination of your dream house..can you tell us about your future nest?
Our future nest would be just a bigger size of our current apartment. We’d love to have a small garden, and more rooms (for kid’s room and playroom). Fingers crossed :)

Please finish this sentence: A home should be…..
Comfortable and lively!








Thank you Hanna and Michael for welcoming us to your place. Kisses and hugs to little Abigail! xx



Abigail photo courtesy of Hanna Siahaan

Family photos courtesy of Lighthouse Photography

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  • Filicia

    I love love love this nest. It is not so spacious but so lovely and comfortable and tidy which is amazing. I have been following Hanna’s blog for quite awhile and has also seen some parts of her place but this is the first time seeing them as a whole.

    Thanks for featuring it here and also thanks Hanna and your family for sharing your lovely nest.

  • Nerissa

    Oh her kitchen is too dreamy! (and the whole rooms too!)

  • Ria

    OMG aku suka sekali web kalian..kebetulan lagi cari2 design rumah kecil biar terlihat tidak sempit..
    Lovely nest edisi ini menginspirasi ku membuat dapur baru ku..
    Thank you sis im waiting for your next post :)

  • maru

    di dapur nggak ada kompor ya?

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