Yogyakarta has always been a city that entices me and can bring me a piece of serenity. Maybe because every time I come to this city I meet these amiable people who seem to embrace and enjoy life – but at the same time also put their hearts and thoughts on what they do. Maybe because the vibe of sincere humility and honesty that I can sense. It could also because of the combination of aforementioned things and some inexplicable factors. So when I had to go there in the course of work, of course I didn’t complain. Especially because I knew where I would stay during my visit: Greenhost hotel.

I’d heard good things about this place from my colleague before I got there and realized that she didn’t exaggerate anything that she said. It’s beautiful, comforting, and humble. Just like Yogyakarta.

Offering eco-friendly and growing farm concept, this hotel reminds me of painting of Hanging Gardens of Babylon. Every corner has been utilized as the medium for plants to grow. The rooms and the products used, the design of the building, the food, even the service also support the eco-friendly concept.

I heard that there are programmes in place to conserve energy, re-use water for secondary applications and to re-cycle waste materials produced.




travel-hotel-greenhost-yogyakarta-livingloving-2travel-hotel-greenhost-yogyakarta-livingloving-3That’s what I heard, but what I’ve seen with my own eyes was that they have been growing their own vegetables and other plants hydroponically, using fences along the corridor and the space on their rooftop. I realized that the rooftop also has become a signature spot if people want to take pictures. The rooftop also has two big conference rooms and a soon-to-be a bar.




Now let’s talk about the rooms. I love a hotel that has a few different themes for its rooms. Greenhost has six different themes that are equally compelling; Erick Room, Futura, Rempah 1, Rempah 2, Studio Kita 1 and Studio Kita 3. (No, it’s not typo, there’s no Studio Kita 2 :D).

Although all themes still have similarity on elements, like reclaimed wood and concrete floor, there’s a slight difference that makes each theme has its own characteristic. ‘Futura’ for example, combines wood with steel that gives futuristic feel, while ‘Studio Kita’ offers white wall with homey atmosphere.


I stayed at Erick Room. Most of the furniture in the room are made of reclaimed wood, with a touch of metal material that is painted in black. So instead of futuristic look, the room gives you a little bit of industrial style.

Ok, I think I’m slowly entering that stage where I couldn’t find words to describe every single beautiful thing I saw in this hotel. So I will delegate the pictures to speak for themselves.

Greenhost Boutique Hotel

Jl. Prawirotaman II No. 629 Brontokusuman Yogyakarta – Indonesia 55153
Phone:+62274 389 777
Fax:+62274 388 877
Email:[email protected]
Photos courtesy of Greenhost Boutique Hotel and Hertiana Dwi Putri

hertiana-for-livinglovingHertiana Dwi Putri is an arts programme officer and freelance writer based in Jakarta, interested in design, alien, cryptozoology, and mythology. In love with music, good books, good movies, watermelon, coffee, sunset, and paperfolding. Sometimes she involves in a project that needs her average design skill and gets paid for it. Check out her blog, Sticky Bun Book to read her thoughts about random things and posts related to book and design.


  • Aube

    I Heard that it is a brand new design hotel in hippest district, Prawirotaman. The last time I went to Jogja, a friend recommended me to stay at this hotel. But too bad, it was full booked :(.
    Anyway, did you go to Tempo Gelato? It’s also in jalan Prawirotaman, the newest must-try ice cream in town!
    Nice post, Kak. Thanks for sharing this wonderful and useful information with us.

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