We’re so excited to announce our upcoming Afternoon Delight. Afternoon Delight is our signature event of sharing and making where you can spend a casual afternoon with new like-minded friends and experience something new. This March, we invite you to come and learn to make your own brush-lettered wall decoration at our studio with Miranti.



In this 3-hours session, you’ll get a chance to learn freehand brush lettering. Miranti will share her tips on how to do basic strokes and swirls, and decorate it with simple embroidered lines. We will provide all the things you need to start brush lettering, so in the end you will bring your creation home.


living-loving-afternoon-delight-the-dancing-lines-promo-photo-6 There will be goodies filled with localmade products, vouchers, and more! It’s an intimate gathering so we only have 12 seats available per session. ;)

*UPDATE 2 March 2016. The first session is already sold out, so we open registration for the second session.
Get your tickets at Living Loving Pop Up Shop.
For more info, please contact us through event[at]livingloving[dot]net.
Thank you and have a lovely week, folks! :)

This event is supported by Style&Decor


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