YAY I FINALLY SET MY FOOT IN KUALA LUMPUR. After 3 months of waiting and back-and-forth e-mails and messages with Adeline who invited me to conduct a weaving workshop at her beautiful Snackfood shop. It was my first time traveling outside of Indonesia alone. If you are curious to know more about my trip in KL, go click the button below! ;)

It was in December 2015, I got a short message from Adeline, the owner of Snackfood. She asked me if I interested to visit Kuala Lumpur and share basic weaving techniques at her shop. I was hesitated at first, because I never conducted workshop in English. But I eventually said yes and we started to set everything up.

Ten days before D-Day, I hadn’t purchased my flight ticket and booked my airbnb room. We planned to do three classes in two days (20-21 but only two classes on the second day that had been fully booked. Me and Adeline decided to wait three more days, because I wanted my schedule in KL to be short and effective, so I didn’t want to waste one day. It was hard to leave my daughter for too long since Yudha, mu husband, also had to do a business trip on 20-22 March. And in three days, the first class on the first day was quickly filling up.

When I arrived KLIA 2 airport, I was quite surprised because the airport is bigger than I thought. I brought this big box of 30 teak wooden weaving kits and all the materials, so there was no way I could take a train or bus so I ordered taxi on the taxi counter and unfortunately, I ended up having a bad experience with grouchy taxi driver. BUT thank God, that was the only bad thing I got during my KL trip (And since then I decided to use Uber and it went smooth). The other parts were fun and lovely!

travel-kuala-lumpur-snackfood-nikeprima-14travel-kuala-lumpur-sebelas-nikeprima-7I booked a room at this airbnb called Sebelas located in Bangsar, because it is only a few minutes away from Snackfood. It was my first time using Airbnb. This well-designed house has four rooms, fully equipped kitchen, a workspace, and semi outdoor space with a small swimming pool to dip. Andrew, the host, was very nice and helpful.  I will share more stories about Sebelas soon. ;)

Funny thing was, my first night ended up at my bestfriend’s house. Fithri (Well, I called her Mata), my college mate, has been living in KL for three years and right after I arrived in Sebelas, she called me and we decided to have a spontaneous girls night out at Le Pont Boulangerie et Cafe and went home. She was also my savior during my first day of weaving workshop. She helped me preparing the workshop. So I gotta say thank you to her husband too, for doing the babysitting work (They have two toddlers) and letting his wife taking care of me on their weekend.


Snackfood is one of the loveliest shops I’ve ever been. It’s one of those cool shops filled with all things lovely. From magazines to small decorative items for home. Pretty shoes to beautiful vintage fans. I mean, how could you ignore those things?

The workshops went smooth. I was super nervous before the first session. But I gotta say thank you to all participants for being nice and warm during the workshops. This really helped me overcome my nervous.




And the best thing about this #takeoversnackfood weaving workshop was meeting new friends. I know I’m not a weaver, and the reason why I’m doing a weaving workshop is to share things that I love and meeting new people. So, I wanted to thank Snackfood for this opportunity. Thank you Adeline, Yeng, Nick and Kristy (and Jade!) for such a warm welcome and hospitality. I can’t wait to meet you guys soon. Yes, soon. We’re planning to do another weaving session at Snackfood this year. yay! Xx


event-weaving-workshop-snackfood-nike-prima-livingloving-13 ps: I also wanted to thank sponsors of this workshop. Bobobobo for being a friendly partners (if you attended the workshop, don’t forget to use their voucher code sent to your inbox), Aesop for the travel kit, and Bisou Bonbon for designing the fragrance blend for the workshop!

I’ve uploaded more pics from the classes on Living Loving Facebook. Go check! ;)



workshop photos courtesy of Snackfood.

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