Last week on March 26th, 2016 we held our very first Afternoon Delight for this year. Afternoon Delight is a regular event held by Living Loving where you can create new beautiful things along with new friends. We named this Afternoon Delight as The Dancing Lines since we would like to share some tips on freehand brush lettering and embroidery. In this intimate gathering of Living Loving readers, each participant got a chance to learn brush lettering techniques with Miranti. She shared her tips on how to do basic strokes and swirls, and decorate it with simple embroidered lines.

For this workshop, each participant got starter kit which include a palette, Artemedia brush, black ink, Dr. Ph. Martin’s Bombay Indian Ink in random colors, wooden board, pencil, an 8R wooden frame, embroidery threads and needle. Besides, they also got a bottle of healthy detox juice from Naked Press Juicery and yummy fruit salad from Creamy Bunny. Both juice and salad are not only tasty but also very healthy.


The session started with the introduction from Miranti on how she was interested into freehand brush lettering and what types of inks can be used. Miranti also recommended two kinds of ink which are Bombay Ink and black Chinese Ink.

Then, together with Miranti, the participants learned the basic of how to create each letter using provided ink and brush. Since every alphabet letter has its own unique form, Miranti gave her tips and tricks of the stroke lettering technique. She first gave examples on the board in front, and then participants can practice doing so on the paper provided.

As the participants learned, enthusiasm started to show as some of them were curious and actively asking Miranti how to create good form of some particular letters. We got equally excited when the girls looked so enthusiastic.



By the end of the session, we gave some door-prizes given by Orca Books and voucher from GoGlam to our lucky participants. Orca’s creative director, Ian Mandagie, also paid a visit to our studio, and joined Pop Up Shop. Thank you, Ian!

One more special thing from Afternoon Delight is that we present the participants with lovely things in their goodie bags. This time, it was special goodies from Bobobobo, GoGlam, and Kelly’s The Wrapping Paper. Bobobobo provided bag and shopping voucher. While GoGlam provided bag and cute pink flamingo mini notebook.


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We would like to say thank you to our media partner, Style & Décor, for supporting our event and gave their magazines freely. Also to Kelly’s The Wrapping Paper, who gave a very lovely notebook and London paper bag for all participants.

Kelly’s The Wrapping Paper and Orca Books joined us in pop up shop, where participants can buy stuff from them. We can see adorable things such as notebooks, pouch, laundry bag, and plate from Kelly’s. We also get to see new-released wool sketchbook from Orca Books in person.


Last but not least, thank you so much to all participants of Afternoon Delight: The Dancing Lines. Please share us your brush lettering results with social media hashtag #LLAfternoonDelight. We hope you all enjoyed Afternoon Delight: The Dancing Lines and if you don’t wanna miss our next event and updates, go subscribe your e-mail address to Living Loving Newsletter (Don’t worry, we won’t spam you ;) ) see you on our next event!

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