Watch a romantic movie under the night sky, share a laugh with good friends surrounded by beautiful simple things we love…This idea of casual movie night was actually came up over a conversation on Twitter timeline between us and Atri. She’s one of these movie-buff-fellows called ScreenSavers Indonesia. We decided to make it happen, and we call it “Minutes To Midnight”, a backyard movie party.

We prepared the decor, while ScreenSavers got their hands on the screening of the movies ‘Before Sunrise’ and ‘Before Sunset’.¬†Aidea volunteered their awesome outdoor space for this occasion. Supported us with gears, sounds, projector, lightings, furnitures and even a bumper video!






The event started at 4.30PM with an accoustic performance by Dwika from AkustikAsik. It was paused for a couple of minutes by the light afternoon rain. After the rain stops, we laid the carpets again and the performance continued. While it was just a drizzle on our place, looks like it was rain heavily on the other parts of Jakarta. So some of our attendees unfortunately could not make it to the event.

_MG_8910 copy



_MG_8994 copy

Then on 7PM, the screening started with the first movie, Before Sunrise. Then after a quick break, we moved onto the next movie, Before Sunset. And it seemed like everyone found their comfy position to watch the movie: lay on their back against a stack of cushions.



After the screenings, we asked some of the audience to participated in a quiz for a chance to win dining vouchers and free magazine subscriptions! It was a fun-filled moment full of laughter. Then came another music performance from our Screensavers friends, followed by chill out music from the DJ’s booth to accompanied the mingling guest who looked reluctant to move from their comfortable position :))

_MG_9040_MG_9140 copy

_MG_9048 copy

We would like to thank our beloved partners who helped us to made all things possible: Screensavers Indonesia, Aidea, Gemmy who helped us with the decor (happy belated birthday, girl! XOXO), Adi for the soundsystem, Holycow Steakhouse by Chef Afit, Delico for the snacks, Bubur Ayam Madura, and Sunday & Sunflowers Photography who captured all these beautiful pictures.

Overall, it was a very fun event for us and we surely hope it was an enjoyable moment for all the guest as well. See you on our next event!


PS: The DIY decor how-to’s from this event will be posted..SOON!


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