One of the best things about having kids is you have the opportunity to bring out the playful side in you..the same thing happens in creating a space for these little munchkins, and this can be an interesting experience.

What I love the most about decorating kids room is you are free to play with colors and elements. Well, you do need to consider the safety and comfort..but if you’re willing to explore your kid’s imagination (and yours too, ofcourse!), you can make this decorating task a very fun experience.

Your little one’s nest can be a campfire, jungle, a tree house, magic castle, zoo or even that lovely place from his/her favorite bed time story. The possibility is endless. And that’s the best thing about kids space.

bedroom-kids-decor-3 bedroom-kids-decor-2



bedroom-kids-decor-6 bedroom-kids-decor-7



My daughter turned two last month, and she really likes to learn about colors. She loves to mention any colors that caught her eyes. So, I decorated her room with  of colors.

I wanted her room to look bright and airy, so I painted it white (it used to be olive green and I had a hard time choosing the right colors for the decor). I chose white for bed linen, too..and I even plan to paint the tile grout white too. My friend, Bini, said painting the grout white can create a spacious feel. If you want to paint your floor grout, you can check out the tutorial on LiveLoveDIY blog.

For some people, white can be a boring and dull color. Even my mom doesn’t really fancy white  painted room or white bed reminds her of hospital beds, she said. But white is the easy way to freshen up the room, especially when we add a bit of bright colors.

I hung a bed canopy to soften the mood. I also plan to put some string lights. I bought the colorful banner at those lovely designer’s printed cushions are from Maali. If you’re into graphic patterned fabrics, you’re gonna love Maali. All fabrics are carefully handpicked by our friend who’s also the owner of Maali, Nanda. Oh, and I made those giant paper flower during Workshop In a Box this early December.

So, have you decorated your little one’s nest? Or do you have a plan to redecorate the kids space next year? Why don’t you share it with us by posting your comment here or simply poke us on Twitter. ;)

ps: sorry for the visible clutter..well, getting rid of clutters has always been a serious challenge. I’ve bought a lot of containers, and will buy more next year.



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