Bandung. Some of us had probably been to this city for a few times. It’s calm and pretty, but on the other hand you find it difficult to understand. So, it’s intriguing in some ways…But what we love the most about this city is their enormous creative talents and lovely places. The last time we here,  we attended Crafty Days by Tobucil, and we also visited Oma Anna handmade workshop.  We stayed at Cottonwood, a Bed and Breakfast/craft workshop. Well, we can say that Bandung is a very crafty city.

So, we asked Morrie and Oslo, fellow bloggers from Bandung, to share their bits and bobs of the city they live in. If you’re into beautiful simple things, you should visit their blog. They’ve captured everyday life into a very inspiring journal.




Tell us about you and where you live

We are two people that have the same kind of excitements towards photography and anything analogue. We crave creativity in all forms, especially when it’s edible and we love to record the moments, places and people who mean something to us in our blog.

Morrie lives in Cigadung and Oslo in Awiligar, both area is in northern part of Bandung. Our houses are practically separated by a hill. It’s near the city but not too much at the same time. It’s rather quiet and nice.


5 things you love about your neighborhood

–     It’s a rather calm, but sometimes a bit buzzy neighborhood.

–     Sometimes in the morning, you could still see fog coming down from the mountains.

–     There’s a vast field of a really tall weeds up in the hill near Oslo’s house. It’s our favorite place for an afternoon stroll.

–     Because we live up up in the hill we have the best city view at night.

–     It’s near some of the best cafés, restaurants and galleries in town.




When is the best time to visit Bandung?

We really can’t tell when because of its unpredictable weather, but we recommend you to bring your umbrella or poncho when you’re planning to go to Bandung. It’s rather fun to explore Bandung both in sunny or rainy day, because sometimes the best time comes up when you least expected. Surprise surprise!

Oh and the best time to visit Bandung is probably the day when Keuken happens, as it is a biannual event. Keuken is a one-day food festival addressing the issues of city public spaces utilizations with wisdom of street-inspired culture. Along with the burgeoning notions, Keuken also enhance the festivity with lists of professional cooks and chefs, music performers and DJs, and engaged communities which they gladly invite for collaboration. It’s definitely the most anticipated event in Bandung.





Tell us the best place to have a breakfast, lunch and dinner in Bandung

Our favorite place to have breakfast would be Roti Gempol and Kopi Purnama, Legoh or R.M. Padang Malah Dicubo is best for lunch and dinner would be Fabrik or Fashion Pasta for a little fancy smancy in the night.



Is there any thrift store/second hand market there?

Garasi Opa is one of our favorite place to find a nice handpicked collection of vintage thingies. If you are up for the hunt, the flea market near Cibeunying Park or Cihapit could be the place and Cimol (now Gedebage market) have some good finds for vintage shirts, jackets and dresses every now and again.

Give us your mix tape (5 songs) when you’re walking around the city

–     Too Young  –  Phoenix

–     Sprawl II  –  Arcade Fire

–     Architecture  –  Manor

–     Dot  – Uncle Skeleton

–     Burndt Jamb  – Weezer



Where’s the best place to have a picnic in Bandung?

Our favorite place to have a picnic is in Taman Hutan Raya Djuanda. We love to go walking, bring along our cameras and a basket of food. There are lots of great spots to stop along the way to spread a blanket or take some pictures and you could also enjoy an afternoon walking around here as it is full of trees, it’s so relaxing

Do you have any favorite shops for home decor and stuff?

unkl347 / u&kl Warehouse is probably our fave place for the home stuff so far.

Thank you Morrie and Oslo for sharing your stories with us. We can’t wait to stroll around the city soon, and go to your favorite spot at the top of hill to enjoy the beautiful city lights. Hugs and kisses from Jakarta.



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  • adynura

    aku sangat menyukai foto-foto dari kamera film yang ada di post livingloving ini. kebetulan akupun adalah penggiat kamera analog dan langsung tahu kalo foto-fotonya pasti dari roll film :D, and grainy is good ^^
    kebetulan aku pun tinggal di Bandung, jadi ada beberapa tempat yang disebutkan yang sudah kuketahui dan ada beberapa yang belum aku singgahi dan pasti akan aku singgahi selepas membaca post ini.
    terimakasih livingloving untuk posting kali ini, banyak hal yang bisa kuambil termasuk nambah blog yang sebaiknya aku follow seperti Morrie and Oslo.

    thank you sooo much… :D

  • merry

    makin penasaran sama Garasi Oppa,, nice info teteh2 =)

  • Kiffa

    kalau boleh nanya letak persis garasi opa dimana ya?

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