Long ago, when we started out this blog. We always talked about how fun it would be to make a gathering of sharing and making. So when we reached the end of 2013, we both agreed that 2014 would be the year of making more friends and more collaborations. So, we decided to make this event.

Last Sunday, 23 March 2013, we invited our friends to join us in an intimate gathering at one of our favorite places 1/15 Coffee, Gandaria, Jakarta. Some of the invitees have already met us in the past, while some others are new friends that we have greeted on social media but never met directly face-to-face. But nonetheless they were all instantly clicked, greeted each other, and got into conversations quickly. Always a pleasure to meet new friends, right?

LL-event-afternoondelight-foto2 LL-event-afternoondelight-foto1

The pretty centerpiece of apothecary jars, bottles, and domes created by Gudily gave a warm welcome to the guests. We put the craft kit and a jar of Bebikinan‘s salted caramel, which has each guest name written on its label, as a placecard. The gathering was started with a brief introduction of each guests. Then followed by a DIY tutorial led Amesh and Chia from Workshop In A Box. They taught us how to make pretty paperflowers. It was a bit tricky and we all felt like we wanted to steal their flowers and claimed it ours. :p But thankfully we finally managed to make it ourselves! (although both of us cheated a bit by making two flowers together instead of created two flowers per person, hehe). Rolls of irresistible masking tapes, colorful paper straws, and paperbag from Gudily were prepared on the table to embellish the bottles and paper flowers.


The decor details and goodie bag is one of the fun part of this  event. We aimed to create a simple decor with a flowery accent but try to keep it from being too girly. Thus, we picked yellow, white, gray, and black as our color palette. For the backdrop, we hung tulle fabric in white, gray, and yellow from the ceiling to floor. We pleated it a bit to gained some textures. Then we folded cupcake wrapper and stapled it to ribbon. It was hung in front of the tulle as an accent. We covered the uneven bottom edge of the tulle with wooden frame decorated with strings also a woven basket from General Object filled with flowers.



For the table runner, we cut some papers in circle shapes, then glued them overlapping onto one another to make a scalloped pattern runner in sunshine color palette of yellow, orange, white, and gold papers. As for the goodiebag, Papercrane gave us a simple but sturdy paperbags in natural color. We decorated it with pine tree leaf (Oriental arborvitae), twine, and Living Loving’s bizcard.




Inside the goodiebag there were lovely things like Vimala‘s 100% natural beauty products, adorable notepad from Kelly’s The Wrapping Paper Company, and pretty fabric flowers pins or headband from sibebo. Not to mention a surprise goodie bag by Gudily, a notebook and two masking tapes, yay!

Overall it was a simple yet warm and fun event. We felt so happy and lucky to be surrounded by wonderful friends and partners. We would like to thank our sponsors (in alphabetical order): Bebikinan, General Object, Gudily,  Kelly’s Wrapping Paper Company, Sibebo, Vimala, and Pixel Paper Asia for the beautiful capturesLL-event-afternoondelight-foto11

Thank you to all attendees: Amesh and Chia from Workshop in a Box, Puri from Idekuhandmade, Maesy from The Dusty Sneakers blog, Veronica from Gudily, Kitty from KittyKitz, Hanna from Linoluna, Veve from Pixel Paper Asia, Fifi from Martha Stewart Living, Nyanya from The Babybirds, and Arninta our blogger friend.


We really wish we could invite more friends..but hey, we do have a plan to make more gatherings in the future.

Meanwhile, you can have a taste of this special event too, because we’re going to giveaway a goodiebag filled with lovely things for one Living Loving reader! Find out how on our next post which will be published this week.

photos by Pixel Paper Asia (except the table runner photo)
edited by Living Loving

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