A couple of weeks ago, we were busy preparing the supplies and registration for two creative classes at OnMarketGo!. We were also in the midst of our Happy Nest series  preparation so it was quite a hectic week at the studio. Nevertheless we still felt excited to held our first ever Living Loving Class at Surabaya. We had two classes: Painting on Clutch with Diela Maharanie and Blog-O-Graphy with Claradevi from Lucedaleco. Each class were divided into two sessions. Nike couldn’t come with us to Surabaya, but thankfully I could kidnap miss Kitty Manu to help us at Surabaya. ;D

Fluoroscent colors were everywhere during the Painting on Clutch sessions on Saturday evening and Sunday noon. Every participants get an oversized canvas clutch, palette, brush, shared paints, and 2 signed A5 art print from Diela. First of all, they traced Diela’s drawing onto the clutch, and then they painted it with acrylic paints. Diela also shared some of her painting tips. According to Diela, an important thing to get a good result is using good quality paint. It may be a bit expensive but it has stronger pigment, good spreadability, and more durable.




It’s interesting to see how the participants chose their own color scheme that suited their personal taste. No one used the same color palette. All clutches looked individually different yet equally beautiful.



The Blog-O-Graphy classes were no less colorful. We got some pretty products from our friend at POLA and Ruma Manis to practice the photography composition. POLA lent us their gorgeous printed scarves, blue and black notebooks, and geometric wrapping papers. While Ruma Manis provided lovely ceramic plates, kitchen towel, and golden uttensils. We got some fresh flowers from Ori Flora to beautify the shots. We also prepared some washi tape, patterned paper, and knick-knacks for the photo props.



Clara opened the sessions with her explanations about the booklet content. Every participants got a mini booklet filled with basic photography knowledge and Clara’s tips to maximize photography tools and editing apps for blogging and social media. After that, the participants got to practice in groups. Mr. Luthfi Hasan from Jakarta Vintage joined the first session. At the end of each session, we randomly picked lucky participants to win POLA’s pretty scarves or cool notebooks.




one of the lucky participant who got the doorprize from POLA

It was a super fun weekend. Not only we got to meet new friends, but we also got to see lots of interesting booths at OnMarketGo! Kitty, Diela, Clara, and me loved the huge welcome area at OnMarketGo! filled with eye-catching bold graphics. It was soo Instagram-able. It’s like you can have different background for your profile pictures for, like, every 2 metres of it. We also like how the alley in this bazaar was wider than what we used to see here in Jakarta. And last but not least, we loved how the workshop area was decorated with wooden floors, wooden high table, bar stool, and Jakarta Vintage’s chairs. 




Thank you to Saski Maulana from OnMarketGo! team for inviting Living Loving to Surabaya. Thank you to all of our participants and sponsors. Hopefully we can meet up again someday for the next edition of Living Loving Class Surabaya! ;)

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