Looking for a place to be called as home is just like finding your soulmate. At least that was what Ario and Nucha experienced. They did some surveys and they were in love with this house located in Kemang, Jakarta Selatan. Nucha liked the house at first place. It’s a three-story house with wide openings that allows a bunch of daylight. But they had to face the fact that that it was already sold. Luckily,  a few months later the house was up for sale.



There are living and dining room, prayer room, kitchen, and little backyard on the first floor. They have a hidden bathroom with white paving wall door and using a metal hand sign instead of a handle as its “knob”. They decided to hide the bathroom to diminish the discomfort because of its position which is next to the dining table.




At first, the house didn’t have a prayer room, but Nucha wished to have one. So they did some renovation by taking a small space of the backyard to be the prayer room, and extended the space above it. Above the prayer room is an extended bedroom space used as walk in closet in second floor, and extended working space at the third floor.


What are you guys do? 
Ario is a cargopreneur and a tech-blogger, and i’m a lecturer and a part time market researcher for a startup.

3 words describe you and Ario.
Living. The. Moment.

What do you love the most about your home?
Mini Glass House! The first time I fell in love with this house was because the amount of windows it has, resulting the amount of sunlight coming in. This house face west and the backyard face east, therefore, we love the sunlight coming in from the backyard windows and glass doors. In the afternoon, we are enjoying the sunlight from the big glass facing the front.


Tell us about the interior design concept/style.
Semi industrial. We added paving blocks and we let the cables of the dining table lights to be exposed by purpose. Color-wise, we love to focus on white as it is my favorite color, while the wooden material is Ario’s favorite element. We wanted to add a little bit of color to make it more alive, so we added turquoise (this is also to match the ceramics at the terrace, the leaves outside and the furniture on the 3rd floor).



Where do you get your home decor inspiration?
From one of our favorite restaurant. Koi. But Koi was too dark to live in, so we put it a lot more white in it. A lot.

What are you and Ario favorite things to do at home?
Ario plays his PlayStation in the TV room, exercising (freeletics) with his pull up bar on the rooftop. He does it almost everyday. I enjoy accompanying him playing his PlayStation and also watching movies in the main bedroom.


Do you have any favorite home living site/magazine/blog?
Not really, we search for it online through websites and social media. Pinterest helps a lot.

Where do you get the furniture or decor stuff?
Most of the furniture we got was from Koi Gallery, some was from Cayenne & Savana. The small stuff like kitchen utensils are either IKEA or we bought it when we are travelling. We call it the Unnecessaries or Annes. :p

There are white paving block walls in your living and dining room, can you tell us the idea/inspiration behind it? And why you prefer using paving blocks than bricks?
We actually wanted bricks. and that was one of the mistakes the contractor did. Ha!

You’re expecting your first child, what kind of home environment you want to achieve for him/her?
Safe, safe, safe! That’s priority number 1, 2 and 3. As a bonus, we are happy to live in a cluster, hopefully he/she will have a small park to play in it.

Any plans for your home that haven’t been fulfilled yet? 
Finishing the rooftop. We need to add fences, lightings so we can chill and relax there. We want to have murals on the wall as well.

A home should be…
Safe, comfortable, and well.. there’s Ario in it. We feel we should love the house wholeheartedly. That’s why we are willing to invest our time and money to decorate it. The result is, we always look forward to go home after a long day.


Here’s a video of the interior for this lovely house:

Thank you Nucha and Ario for sharing your stories and letting us visited your lovely nest. We wish you guys always be happy, healthy and goodluck for your childbirth. ;)


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