Home is where the heart is. Widi and Dwi implemented their dream home into the design and every single details in it. They wanted to have a house that is suitable not only for them but also the kids. A home that able to adapt or be adapted to many different functions or activities, ‘A versatile home’, that’s how Widi describe it. And Dwi always wanted a home that when he was outside, he always look forward to go back home.



Their lovely nest is located in Pondok Labu, Jakarta Selatan. This is a 300m² one-storey house located in a 690m² site. It has lots of wide open spaces with minimum partition. When you enter the house, you’ll know that they really into antique things and art. They have a ‘The Sasonos Wall of Art’ just beside the front door, is full of unique things that arranged as art pieces just like in a gallery. You probably won’t realize that there is a TV hanging there. They don’t want the television to be the center of attention, so they decided to frame it. Yup, that gold frame over the vintage suitcase is actually a TV! Some of the furniture are custom made, and some of them are remodeled from the old ones.







The bedroom area, grouped in the right side of the house behind a turqouise door. Widi and Dwi’s bedroom have a bathroom in it and a walk-in-closet at the mezzanine floor. The glass roof upon the bathtub allow as much natural lighting into the room.






Dru’s and Widuri’s room are also have lovely designs. Dru’s room has animals paintings on the wall, beside his bed, and on his cupboard. Widuri’s room has a pretty castle-themed painting beside her bed, and a peek-a-boo closet under the bed.







A bathroom with a red-shaped-like-UK’s-phone-booth sliding door that also used as guest toilet is between Dru’s and Widuri’s room. We love how they turned an unused window into a wall mirror frame inside the bathroom.


There’s a small pavillion and a swimming pool at the backyard. Widi and Dwi loves to enjoy the outdoor air, playing at the grass or having a nice breakfast at the outdoor dining area, just right beside the kitchen. Widi also tried her hands on hydroponic gardening.








3 words describe you
Traveller, homebody, parents

3 words to describe your nest
Versatile, “blong” (wide open spaces), green

Tell us about your home
There was an existing house building about 5 years ago. We originally planned only to remodel the roof, but ultimately decided to remodel the entire house. We had alternated contractors in the completion. We would like to use the colonial concept with the first contractor. One-story house, but with a high ceiling. However, in the middle of the construction, we decided to change the contractor because of the materials are not as good as what we expected.

Then we met Dendy from UNKL347, that eventually led us to talk about the process of the renovation of our house. However, because at that time Dendy had to handle another work, he recommended us to another contractor. With the second contractor, we were adding industrial concept with the use of H-steel that become one of the characters of our house.

We want our home to be versatile and neutral, so that not only us as parents that able to enjoy the house, but also it suits the kids too. But then we get disappointed all over again because our desire to maintain the original tiles from the house could not be fulfilled because the contractor decided to replace the entire tiles to remove the leveling in the house and they also close the ceiling that we wished to be quite high.

In the end, Dendy intervene directly and reopen parts of the ceiling although only in the front area of the house. And finished it as what we wanted to be.

What is important to you in a living space?
Nuance, the impression given and perceived in a space

Who’s in charge of the interior design/decor? Whats the inspiration?
Me and Mas Dwi, from the travelling we did.

Your favorite spot with family?
Almost all the spot in the house

Where did you find the decorative items?
Most of them also from the travelling that e did. I (Dwi) love to collect antique things eventhough I don’t have any idea yet what to do with them. I believe that every element has its own energy just like ours, and it isn’t only us who finding them. We believe the treasure is also meant to find us, it’s like we found each other.

What are your favorite things to do together at home?
Hangout, swimming, climbing the tree, do activities on the dining table.

You have a lovely backyard, how important for you to have a backyard at home?
So important, as a relaxation space. Although we design and arrange the backyard, we didn’t cut any tree. We preserve the tree, so the design should follow the tree.

We didn’t see any family picture but a big mural of the whole family, can you tell us about it? Who did the painting and the meaning behind it?
I am not really into that family potrait in a frame. The mural portrayed us as a modern family who still uphold the traditional values. I wear batik, Widi wear a coat, and Widuri wear a vest. Dru’s holding wayang and Den wearing a traditional Balinese head cover, udeng. Our eyes closed means we are still dreaming about our goals in life. The air balloons means our goals is as high as the sky. And the circle shapes is just like a vinyl. Aden from Larch (@larchstudio) is the artist who made it. He also made the paintings in Dru’s and Widuri’s room.

Why you prefer a long dining table?
To suit the room is also quite spacious. Other than that the table is not only used as a dining table, but also other activities. The table was custom made, designed by UNKL347, just like the hanging lamps upon the living area.

Do you have any favorite decor references?
Pinterest and any places we ever visited

Here’s a little video made by our friend from Aidea to capture the homey feels of Widi and Dwi’s lovely nest. Take a look!

It’s really a pleasure to visit and had a ‘tour’ in your lovely nest. Thank you so much, The Sasonos! And goodluck for @sasonosae project :)

text by Diah Ayu Wulandari

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