If you have been following around the site, you must have known that Nike and Miranti are both fan of books. They have even created a book club called “Cups and Pages” alongside Dian and Maesy. A few days back, we are so delighted to be invited by Rubrik to visit their Pop-Up Library at Kroma, a humble coffee shop located in Gandaria, South Jakarta.

As we stepped inside the space, the friendly faces of Icha and Kafin from Rubrik, alongside Evelyn and Edward from Kroma greeted us upon our arrival. Miranti instantly put a wide smile on her face when she looked at the rows of books on the shelf. Find out more about our visit after the jump.




Rubrik is basically a library, but it’s not just your average one. It started out with the sad thought of just having their books lay on the shelf, collecting dusts. Instead, they wanted to share the love of book with fellow readers. What’s even better is that it is accessible for everyone. The rent system is online-based and everyone who is interested can definitely pay a visit to their site to browse through their curated catalog.

This time around, they decided to showcase some of the books from their online catalog to the physical one in a form of pop-up library. This library is located in the second floor of a container building which is also a lovely coffee shop called Kroma. Honestly, I had very little idea about the space or the event itself. But upon arrival, we fell in love with the place right away. It has an outdoor area that is surrounded by pretty potted plants and tall trees that it somehow felt like an urban treehouse. Inside the container, stand three shelves filled with interesting books and a reading corner where we can sit down on the rug, read our favorite book, and sip on the drink of our choice. Just across the corner, there are two tables for the barista and the cashier. It is not too big, but it feels spacious and comfortable.



The books varies from fiction to non-fiction, from business to fashion, from romance to self-help. As we can see, they have lots of genre and those are the books that they have read and loved themselves. We can’t help but ended up browsing through the collection slowly and got excited every time we found an interesting read. Miranti even ended up renting two books from them.

If you love reading and enjoy having a cup of coffee as your company, we truly recommend this place. You can come here by yourself and go deep into your books or you can come by with a couple of friends and have an intimate conversation while discussing on your current favorite books. Either way, I believe that you will love the ambiance of this place. The pop-up library is still open until May 31st.



Thank you Rubrik and Kroma for the invitation and warm greetings.


Text by Filicia
Photo by Filicia & Nike Prima


  • feni

    kopinya manual brew ya? ❤️❤️ pankapan kalo lagi main ke Bogor pengen ajakin ke Maraca Books and Coffee, deh ?

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