We always heart chalkboard decor. It’s cute. It reminds you of school days. And for parents, you don’t need to worry because there are non toxic chalks for the kids. So, we really love what our blogger friend, Kaho just did with her new apartment at Mumbai, India.

We think this chalkboard idea is easy and applicable for almost every room, even a small one. All you need is a black paint with matte finish. You can also use a black writable wall decal/sticker. Check out this local online wall decal store named Furry Panda.


In Indonesia there are plenty of paint brands that you can choose. Remember to choose paint with matt/ doff finish like Dulux Pentalite, Nippon Matex Gold, Nippon Vinilex 5000, or Catylac. Price per can around Rp95.000 for a 2,5L can, and Rp140.000 for a 5kg can.

Thank you Kaho for sharing your lovely new space with us. We wish we said hi earlier so we could meet up. For those of you who want to see the complete ‘before and after’ pictures of Kaho’s apartment, go to her post right here.  :)

Suka menulis dan hobi menggambar rumah serta denahnya sejak kecil. Nike membuat Living Loving untuk mengembalikan dan mengembangkan kecintaannya akan menulis dan minatnya akan rumah, dekorasi dan desain. Mulai membuat website dan blog sendiri sejak 2000, mengkoleksi dan berbagi cerita selalu jadi bagian penting dalam hidupnya.


  • Kaho

    Thank you so much for your kind words. I am so honored!! I wish we met before I left Jakarta. I miss your city! I miss Bali, too… I have so many great memories in Indonesia. I’m sure Jakarta will keep growing with so many fantastic stores. I will have to pay a visit in the future!!

  • indri

    will definitely have a ‘dedicated’ chalkboard-wall in my home someday :)

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