We’re so excited to announce our upcoming Afternoon Delight. If you’re not familiar with Afternoon Delight. Let us introduce you to our signature event. It’s a casual afternoon of sharing and making where you can meet up with new like-minded friends and experience something new. Next month, we’re going to get relax and unwind by making spa-at-home kit with our friends from Organic Supply Co.

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It’s been a year and a half since the first time we held our first Afternoon Delight, and we’ve always trying to find fresh ideas. We wanted to make sure that each participant of our Afternoon Delight experience the good three hours that would make them smile and inspired. It’s challenging, because we often came up with the content we had never been into before so we had to start from zero and we had to give a long explanation to the potential event partners, but we enjoyed every single moment of crafting this event.

Same thing happened with this project with Organic Supply Co. We knew that these past few months, craft and art workshops have been flooding the weekends. It’s not that hard anymore to find yourself a creative workshop. So we thought, yes this is the time to offer our readers with something fresh but useful. Then we met our friend from Organic Supply Co. They never did a workshop before but they’re also excited to introduce the benefits of organic essential oils and that we actually can create our own natural products that are safe for you and your loved ones.

On this fourth  Afternoon Delight: Relax and Unwind, we’ll provide everything you need to make four DIY homemade spa products using certified organic ingredients from Organic Supply Co.:

  1. Calming oil blend
  2. Body scrub
  3. Foot soak
  4. Body spray

Cindy and Astrid from Organic Supply Co will give you a brief introduction of essential oils and organic materials that you can use to create many things, and then they will guide you to make home spa kit that you can bring home along with Ideku Handmade‘s hand-drawn drawstring bag.


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We will also collaborate with other local homemade brands, Tepian, Oma Anna, and Masa De Pan. We wanted to make sure that you’ll have an afternoon that can surely make you feel relaxed yet inspired. Tepian will serve you with DIY mocktails. Yes, you’ll be able to create your own mixed mocktails from herbs and kombucha. Meanwhile Oma Anna and Masa De pan will satisfy your taste bud with their homemade jams and freshly baked breads.

There will be plenty of goodies curated by us that you’ll bring home too, and that includes HelloSunshine‘s homemade snacks and shopdeca‘s shopping vouchers!

It’s an intimate gathering so we only have 12 seats available.

Register now at our NEWLY OPEN ONLINE POP UP SHOP! *yay* 

For more info, please contact us through [email protected]. Thank you and have a lovely week, folks! :)



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