We finally got a chance to gather with Bandung folks last weekend on our Living Loving Class: Play with Flowers with Kitty Manu. It was a lovely saturday noon at Co and Co Space where everyone got their hands on beautiful fresh flowers. We invited our favorite Bandung bloggers too, Pratya of Olive and Lavender, and Fin and Adell of Morrie and Oslo.


event-class-play-with-flowers-bandung-morrie-and-oslo-1event-class-play-with-flowers-bandung-morrie-and-oslo-6 event-class-play-with-flowers-bandung-morrie-and-oslo-5  event-class-play-with-flowers-bandung-morrie-and-oslo-3

This episode of ‘Living Loving Class: Play with Flowers’ was actually a part of Workshop KittyKitz event. They also had four different classes that day. ‘DIY Animal and Origami Necklaces’ by The Babybirds, ‘DIY Party’ by Kitty Manu, ‘Collage’ by Ika Vantiani and ‘DIY Transparent Clutch by Saadiah of HGL House and Kitty Manu’. Yup, Kitty was such a busy bee she got to run three different workshops in a day. Bravo, Kitty!

Well, anyway. You can check out more pictures and story of our Play with Flowers class on Morrie and Oslo. :)

Thank you so much Co and Co Space and HGL House for supporting us. Pompidou for the yummy cupcakes, and last but not least KittyKitz Workshop for this super lovely collaboration. Xx



photos courtesy of Morrie and Oslo


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