When it comes to choosing a color palette or a decor theme, we don’t always have to check out directly to interior/decor inspiration. Well, ofcourse it’s always easier to find great room inspirations on Pinterest. But why don’t we challenge ourselves to make a decor theme from fashion (or movie?) ?

I never consider myself as a fashionable person. I can’t really keep up with the fashion trend and I’m happy with my picks of daily black/white/neutral clothes. BUT I don’t know why I’m always in love with kids fashion as much as I love kids decor.

These last few days, I’ve been in love with Bobochoses’ newest series. Bobochoses is a kids clothing brand from Barcelona, Spain. I’ve never bought any of their products but I’ve been following their Instagram for a year and I always love to see how they create fun worlds for the kids to wear and adults to see.




bobochoses-curated-by-1Their latest series named The Unknown Mountain Journey, and I thought like “Hey, this can be a cool theme for kids room too”. It’s a beautiful yet gender-neutral theme with lovely ensemble of colors and shapes.

These last few years, our Pinterest have been flooded with white painted kids room with simple ornaments in mostly black and white. Now, I think it’s time to put more colors. Kids love to explore, and why don’t we take them to some kind of “adventure” by creating a nature kind of scheme in their space?

So, I picked some of these (mostly local) home decor goods in subtle colors with a touch of blue, green, brown and a bit of terracotta. I imagine a room painted in white and beige, wooden flooring and white bed.


Row one:

Knitted Blanket – Ruang Rusa at ShopDeca Rp469.000

Tribal Prism Cushion – Chic & Darling Rp210.000

Cotton Bunting – Chic & Darling at Bobobobo Rp80.000

Row two:

Terrarium Green House – Wakatu at Kadokadi Rp350.000

Kids Table Set – Nagarey Rp1.990.000

Acrylic Deer Head Wall Decor – Ruang Rusa Rp499.000

Row three:

Tower Holder – Qually at ShopDeca Rp559.000

Round Storage – Palmerhaus at Bobobobo Rp379.000

Tipi Tent – Duduk at Bobobobo Rp1.650.000


Pine Bed Frame – IKEA Rp1.299.000

Bed Side Table – IKEA Rp1.999.000

It was fun to gather these beautiful things, and if you plan to make this kids room come true, I suggest you to add more colors and textures. Collect rocks, or pretty dried leaves and flowers. Use them to give some nature looks to the room. Let your kids have a voice in decorating their nest too. Ask them to paint some rocks or make their own mixed media wall decor using dried flowers and twigs. Have some fun and amazing journey with your little ones. ;)


Feature Image courtesy of  Curated By

Images courtesy of Bobochoses and Curated By

Product Images courtesy of Kadokadi, Bobobobo, ShopDeca, Nagarey and Chic & Darling




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