I don’t know when was exactly the first time I started my obsession with wall decor, especially wall hanging. If you go through some of Living Loving’s events or decor projects, you will see some of my wall hangings. I’ve made wall hangings from branch, fabric, yarns. I even tried to make a tiny macrame, but failed because I didn’t have that much of a patience.

When it comes to dress the wall, art prints, posters and paintings are always good options, but I just can’t resist these whimsical 3-dimensions objects of ABJ Glassworks and Ladies and Gentlemen Studio. They are so charming I can’t get my eyes off of them!

ABJ Glassworks is a small handmade business run by Ashley Bram Johnson. If you’re familiar with Anthropologie and Free People, you might have seen her works got spotted on those online stores and blogs. Her popular moon phase pieces have those whimsical feel but still can be suitable with more simple style.


If you’re more into sleek and well designed home decor, then you should check out Seattle based Ladies and Gentlemen Studio. I’ve been dreaming of making  my own wall hanging or wind chime with glass and ceramic material, and then I saw these modern yet playful wind chimes. I was instantly in love and can’t get them out of my mind.



If you happen to know local crafters who also make this kind of thing, please ping me. *or I will find a way to make a DIY glass and ceramic wall hanging!*

Photos courtesy of ABJ Glassworks, Ladies and Gentlemen Studio, Poketo and Sightunseen.

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