Last week I’ve told you a little bit about Toulouse. I was staying for a month in France and had a chance to visited several cities during that time. One of them was Paris. Me and my family chose airbnb rental as our place to stay. One of the reason was because we can use the rental’s kitchen or pantry to cook for ourselves. It’s a whole lot cheaper to cook at the rentals than buying ready-to-eat food at some restaurant for three meals a day. And we could also use the washing machine to wash our dirty laundry.

We rented a modern-design house in Montreuil area. The house located about 20 minutes away from Paris’ city center. It’s pretty close to the metro station. About 5-10 minutes walk to Croix de Chavaux station. And we fell in love at first sight! It’s a narrow house, not more than 5 metres wide, but it has about 40-45 metres in length. There are two gardens, three bedrooms, and lots of natural lights. All the room are upstairs. Its door are hidden behind the rows of closet that span across the right side of the house. The toilets, waching machine, and storage are also hidden inside the closet.

Each rooms has their own bathroom behind the headboard. The beds are very comfortable. We stayed for 4 nights, and after a long day full of walking and sightseeing, it felt sooo good to lay on a comfy bed. The owner of the house decorated the rooms and halls with lots of paintings, porcelain kittens, mini statues, and glass vases. If you have a toddler, you should take an extra care so that he/she didn’t break those decorative items.

We truly enjoyed our time at this house. Here’s a few photos of the house that I took during our stay at the house. You can check more photos and details about Catherine’s house on their airbnb page.












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