Today, wedding theme is not about picking the right color scheme anymore. Some weddings are using patterns  for their party decor and stationeries..and they’re not hesitate to expose bright colors. We love these wedding stationeries designed by Dea Adeline from Pretty Party.

Most of the wedding favors I got these years were soft colored with ultra feminine style, but these wedding favors are filled lines and dots in red, green, blue and peach. This geometric patterns speak “modern” out loud..but yet they still look very sweet..and it’s actually why white should always be a primary color.

notes-pretty-party    notes-pretty-party


_MG_2214 _MG_2211

So, you love the idea of using geometric patterns, but think that modern patterns and bright colors are way too funky for a wedding? Well, you can use these pattern inspirations for your little parties.


Looking at these sweet ensemble of patterns and colors really can draw a smile on my face. Have a lovely thursday, lovely friends. Xx

Photos courtesy of Pretty Party

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