We think bedroom is one of the rooms in the house that should get an extra attention, because it should be our sanctuary. A place to clear your head off after a busy day. You can apply any colors or patterns for walls or home accessories in the living room, play room, or home office. But for bedroom, both of us prefer to simplify the looks. We opt for a room with calmer color scheme, less furnitures, and a simple but comfortable bed. That is why we love our fellow, Andrea Rahardiana‘s toned-down bedroom.

Andrea’s room is modern and simple. Tiny botanical pieces, white spaces, and a flood of natural light are the main essences of the room. It is comfortable yet unique, and it’s not hard to make over your room to look like this subtle nest.

home-decor-andrea-rahardiana-bedroom-livingloving  home-decor-andrea-rahardiana-bedroom-livingloving  home-decor-andrea-rahardiana-bedroom-livingloving

Where do you get the decor inspirations? 
I find that I constantly inspired by many things, ranging from architecture blogs, to fashion brands, lifestyle magazine, to furniture and product design, to nature and beyond. I also love to find inspirations from blogs, my favourites are design milk and Covoy

According to you, what is the centre piece of the room?
I guess the key are the white walls and natural light. That’s all.

Where did you get the decor stuff and furnitures?
There is nothing new about the furniture here, I already got it since I was like 10, some stuff are also owned by my mom, she used to go to home living and creative exhibition. Meanwhile, the decor stuff mostly are Australian brands, while some of them from Europe, Korea and Mirota Batik, Yogyakarta.

Here I got you the list of some brands in my room:
La Rose Candle from Maison Balzac Australia
Posters from Paper Collective Denmark
Candle Holder from NO Design
Paper Bag from be poles
Blue Cushion from penney and bennet
Blanket from Kate and Kate
Vases from snug
Wall Hanging from attalie dexter


What you love the most about your room?
I love the way it reflects me. Injecting my own style into my bedroom makes me feel more comfortable here.

If you can pick one song that represents your room’s “mood” it would be…
Cheapest Flight by PREP

Is there anything you want to add in your room?
More greeneries, bedside lamp, more posters, magazine rack, and eames chair.

Any tips for them who want to decor their rooms with the same theme like yours?
There should be oversized windows, and skylights. White is the key. And also, be creative. Imperfection is also a creative challenge to explore.


photo by Andrea Rahardiana

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