A couple of days ago our friend, Nanda came to the studio to ask about some blogging tips. Sari, another friend of ours also visited us two weeks ago to ask the same questions. Both of them wanted to make their own blog and asking our opinion about which platform is better, what kind of layout suit their needs, etc.

We already wrote about blogging in our blog months ago in Creative Series. But since people still ask us about blogging tips, we thought maybe we need to post the recap about our blogging-related articles. Actually, we’re not the experts in blogging, but we were more than happy to share our own blogging experiences. We also asked some blogger friends to share their own personal experiences. If you want to know more about hosting for blogging, Andri Permana shared a bit about this technical aspect on the first part. Fifi Alvianto also shared her thoughts about choosing an effective blog layout. And read Andra Alodita‘s tips about creating good content for your blog on the last part of the series.

So,if there’s anyone who’d like to know more about blogging basics, here’s a little recap about the topics in our Blogging Series. You can read the introduction to Blogging Series here. We divided the series into 4 parts. Click on each picture to read the post for every part.

recap-blogging-series-1   recap-blogging-series-2

recap-blogging-series-3   recap-blogging-series-4

We had some favorite books about blogging like, Blogging for Creatives by Robin Houghton, Inc Last year we held our first ever Cups and Pages where we discussed books about blogging with some of our friends. You can check the post for more references about blogging books. We also shared some of our favorite blogging essentials here.

Oh, and we’re planning to throw a small gathering where we can meet people and share some blogging tips. Gonna keep you updated about this event! Meanwhile, you can share anything you wanted to asked us in the comment section below. Throw us bloging-related questions, give us ideas on how the gathering should be.  Kisses!


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  • feni

    Dear Mamiir+Nike,
    aku selama ini pake blogspot dan masih belum berani hijrah ke wordpress ataupun hosting sendiri. Is that OK?

    • Miranti

      Haai Feni, Menurut kita sih ga masalah sama sekali. Yang penting nyaman dan gampang ngemanage dashboard-nya :)

      • feni

        hahaha iya bener banget, aku terbiasa dashboard blogspot, jadi, pas coba2 hijrah ke wordpress, jadi bingung hihihi! thanks Mamir <3

        iya ih sama kayak Ninta dibawah, mau ikutan gatheringnya :D

  • arninta

    Aa Mau ikutan gatheringnya biar belajaaar ?

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