I posted a short story about why I choose blogging on my Instagram last month, and now I decided to share the complete story to you.

Why blogging? Because I love writing. When I was a kid, I was a loner. Even my kindergarten teacher wrote that fact on my report. My Mom said I always loved to move around and I didn’t speak that much. So writing seemed to be a perfect channel for me to express my thoughts and feelings. I also loved reading books and magazines. I even re-wrote some articles on magazines, and I enjoyed writing letters and notes.

Internet was a big thing for me when I was in high school. I went to internet cafe (aka warnet) almost everyday for 2-3 hours to check out anything I wanted to know about..well mostly music and movies. Meanwhile, I also had a personal project, U2 biography. Yeah, I was that crazy about this band. Back then, music was my first love and I wanted to be a band manager (because everyone wanted to be a band member or a singer, but musicians need people to keep them roll right?!). I compiled U2 stories from the books and magazines that I bought and tried to finish the project for months. So, this thing called internet really helped my project. So when I finaly finished the project, I decided to make U2indonesia website so I can share my words to the world. I created my website with Microsoft Frontpage. Black background with white and gold colored fonts. It was a lame designed website made by a 18 years old girl, but I guess that was the turning point of my life!

2 years after I started my website, me and my U2 fan friends decided to build a serious U2indonesia website. BUT running a website was not that easy back then. So we decided to freeze it. A few years later, my best friend Dian dragged me to this thing named Multiply. I was hesitated at first, but I gave it a go and loved it. BUT  I wasn’t really happy with the category things. If you were familiar with Multiply, you would know that each Multiply site provided with categories so you could post notes, make a music playlist, or post photos and pictures. It was complicated for a person who just wanted to write like me. So I was happy when I found WordPress. I started my WordPress blog in 2007. I wrote mostly anything that caught my interests. I blogged on and off. It was random and personal and captured some of the tragic things I had in my 20s. But fortunately this blog got me connected to a lot of talented bloggers and writers, and until today some of them are still passionate about digital world.

After 5 years of blogging, I started to doubt myself on blogging. I felt like I never really gave a clear message of my own blog. I knew it was just a blog. Everyone can blog, and they can even have hundreds of blogs if they wanted to. But I just wanted to have one blog that I could relate to. A blog that grows. I thought it was a perfect time to do it right. So I decided to collaborate with Mamir and started Living Loving.


Well, honestly..I never really knew when was the perfect time. But I always believe that the key to make your dreams come true, or to make a change in your life, is to start. You may rise, or you may fail, but you can always give yourself a chance to start something wholeheartedly.

I never really thought that writing could take me to a lot of opportunities that I had never imagined before. I always thought that I had to be a journalist or worked at printed media so I could have a chance to share my words to people. I never thought that being a fan of a rock band could lead me to a chance of finding my passion.

So start, no matter how small the action you can do today. I started with a tacky designed site. Thank God I don’t have to show them here because Internet had swollen those website I made. Oh wait, they still have it. Promise me not laugh when you see this website interface. Remember, I made this 15 years ago!


Yup, that was my last post on my first website. If you were still in your elementary school during that year, you can tell that I am ten years older than you..so that means you have PLENTY of chances to make your time worth it. If you think you’re the same age as I am, that means you are already fully loaded with experiences and skills, so it really is time for you to start something. But if you think you’re not that young anymore..that you don’t have that experience and skill you needed to start something, you know there’s no rule that you should start something at young age. Everybody has a chance to create a new journey, and it doesn’t have to be a big fat one. It starts with you. :)

by miranti

brush lettering by miranti

I know you can dream, so dream out loud and have a good time. Enjoy the ride and cherish every little moment. Xx









Suka menulis dan hobi menggambar rumah serta denahnya sejak kecil. Nike membuat Living Loving untuk mengembalikan dan mengembangkan kecintaannya akan menulis dan minatnya akan rumah, dekorasi dan desain. Mulai membuat website dan blog sendiri sejak 2000, mengkoleksi dan berbagi cerita selalu jadi bagian penting dalam hidupnya.


  • nianastiti

    sure I’ll enjoy the journey in blogging world. Thankyou for sharing the story ;)

  • Prisanti

    Dear Nike,
    It made me smile reading this post because I can feel that you poured a lot of heart on it. I think this is just become my most favorite Living Loving’s post yet. I am one of the silent reader of your WordPress blog back then (I feel creepy writing this, haha) and a loyal reader of Living Loving :) Not just because I love the range of topics LL has offer, but also because I can enjoy your writing a lot more. I wish the best of luck for you two and really hoping this blog can grow more and inspired more people also. Keep spreading the love :3

    • Nike Prima

      Prisantiii..thank you for being a loyal reader for these past few years. Senang sekali kalau ada teman yang udah ngikutin dari sejak dulu. :*

  • yudhi puspa tia

    super love this post nikeee, terimakasih sudah berbagi :)

  • Fitria AS.

    Hi Mbak Nike, salam kenal. Post-nya sangat inspiring! Jadi nostalgia pas jaman awal ngeblog. Really love this kind of post on Living Loving. Aku dan teman-temanku finally start something: blog kolaborasi https://thescribblesblog.wordpress.com/ akhir taun lalu, sempat vakum tp akhirnya lanjut lagi. Habis baca tulisan mbak, jadi tambah semangat :)

  • Nike Prima

    Haloo, terimakasih banyak Fitria..iya tampaknya kuncinya adalah memulai dan terus jalan. selalu konsisten ya menjalankan blog-mu. Percaya deh, kalo konsisten pasti berbuah baik. :*

  • Danesya Juzar

    Thank you for sharing mbanik!! Seneng banget baca ini dikala lagi procastinate, jadi semangat melanjutkan tulisan2 yang tertunda… Semoga bisa sesukses mbanik dan mbamir nantinya di dunia blogging :)

  • Nike Prima

    Ayooo segera dipost tulisan-tulisannya. Aku yakin banget Productive Mamas bisa besar! Xx

  • Andri Permana

    Dulu itu kalau ngga serba hitam ya warna-warni mencolok. :))

  • Citrawaty Darmansyah

    Hai, aku pengen belajar blogging jadi aku mau tanya disini, boleh gak? thank you :)

  • HeniPR

    Ngeblog membuka peluang baru ya mbak ?

  • kungfu4d2

    semoga sukses terus gan buat usahanya

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